Designer: Debbie Graham

Designer Debbie Graham began sewing and designing at the age of 6, using her dolls as her muse. She developed her skills and made a pair of pants and a blouse for herself at the age of 9. As many others have done, Debbie graduated from high school, married and raised a family leaving her passion behind. While still working, in 2008 Debbie went to college to study Fashion Design. Then in 2011 she retired from working 32 years in the Aerospace industry and graduated as a Fashion Designer to follow her lifelong passion. Upon graduating she did sewing for other designers and alterations for individuals.

2017 is the year for Debbie to launch her line under the name of Fashion Olay. The term Olay is meant to invoke fun and happiness. It is the intension of the company to produce comfortable clothing of impeccable quality, with an eye on detail and top notch customer satisfaction for women.